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IFMSA-Québec has assembled a passionate and experienced team to lead the organization of the August Meeting 2018 in Montréal. The team members have cumulated over 60 IFMSA international meetings, including more than 40 general assemblies all together. They are able to tell incredible tales from India, discuss Mexican laws, share the warmth of Tunisia, and show you the historic beauty of Malta. They speak several languages, thanks to Quebec’s rich cultural background. They have worked locally, nationally, regionally and internationally within the Federation. They have also worked internally within standing committee and executive bodies, and externally with partners, institutions and other NGOs.

Their motivation to host the event is simple: to share with students and young professionals the magical spirit they first experience within the Federation. The spirit that makes your days last longer so that you can achieve more for health and students worldwide. The spirit that makes you more critical and reflexive of the complex challenges facing health and healthcare worldwide. The same spirit that makes you sing and dance to latin songs at 1 in the morning, while finishing your powerpoint presentation on advocacy due for the next day. The spirit that empowers you to do more as a student and a future health professional. The spirit that has continuously feeds the Federation for the past 65 years into doing the impossible tomorrow.

Each Organizing Committee member will be paired with IFMSA national member organizations to facilitate your stay in our wonderful country!

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Chair – Claudel P-Desrosiers (
claudelClaudel is a final-year medical student at University of Montréal. She has been involved within the Federation since she started medical school. Her first IFMSA general assembly was in August 2012. Since then, she has lead IFMSA-Québec as national president during two consecutive terms, after which, she has served IFMSA internationally as the Vice-President for External Affairs, boosting IFMSA visibility and fundraising opportunities. She’s also currently works with Stories For Humanity, a convergent media society and is involved in provincial politics.

As the Chair, Claudel is responsible to overview and ensure the success of the August Meeting 2018. She acts as the official spokesperson for the event and liaises with our partners. She is also the leader of the Organizing Committee.

Vice-Chair – David Alexandre Galiano (
davidDavid is a medical student at McGill University. He has been IFMSA-Québec President during the term 2015-2016, and has previously served as the national officer for research exchanges and vice-president for internal affairs. Conjointly, he has worked for the Québec Federation of medical students (FMEQ) as a board member, and for the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) as student representative.

As the Vice-Chair, David is responsible for the internal management of the extended organizing committee and he is supporting the Chair in the everyday tasks.

Secretary General – Aline D. Khatchikian (
alineAline is a medical student at Laval University in Québec City. She is the past IFMSA External Representation Assistant for the Americas Region. Aline has previously been the regional assistant for the standing committee on public health (SCOPH) in the Americas, and has represented the committee locally. Over the years, she has acquired extended experience in external representation, empowerment and advocacy.

As the Secretary General, she is responsible for the execution and follow up of the annual working plan and assuring the archivation system of the event. She also liaises with the internationally level to ensure continuity between IFMSA General Assemblies Organizing Committee.

Treasurer – Camille Pelletier Vernooy (
camilleCamille is a final year medical student at University of Montréal. She has been an active member of the IFMSA Supervising Council. Nationally, she has worked extensively on IFMSA-Québec development, first as the national officer for human rights and peace and vice-president for finances, and in a second time, as president. She has strengthened her experience in administration and students’ leadership through several experiences in other organizations and institutions.

As the Treasurer, Camille manages the budget on a daily basis, and overview the bookkeeping. She is also responsible of the legal status of the event.

Logistics Director – Michelle Houde (
Michelle is a medical student at University of Montréal. She was first involved in the local president for IFMSA-Québec, and then her passion for IFMSA grew after her first regional meeting. She has been an extremely active member of the SCOPH (Public Health Committee), organizing multiple trainings and events. She has also represented IFMSA external to the Pan American Health Organization last September. She wishes to give students a memorable experience in Montréal, the city of her heart.

As the Logistics Director, Michelle works on the accommodation, transport, food and party. In other words, he is implicated in the setting of the event.

HR & Fundraising Director – Alexandra Chicoine (
Alexandra is a medical student at McGill University. She served as Vice-President Community Service and Involvement within the Med-P and Dent-P Student Association of 2015-2016. She coordinated the fifth highly popular edition of the McGill Med Fashion Show, in benefit to Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec (ANEB). Over the past few years, she has shaped her interest in global health challenges through different styles of projects.

As the Human Resources and Fundraising Director, Alexandra is responsible for the fundraising plan, volunteer and employee management, as well as facilitating registration and visa processes for every IFMSA delegate.

Pre-Event Director – William Enlow (
William is a medical student at Laval University in Quebec City. He is currently campus coordinator for IFMSA-Québec activities, and has also served as Local Officer for Global Health. He attended the Regional Meeting of the Americas in January 2016 and March Meeting 2017. William is currently conducting research on the Zika Virus for a Master’s degree in microbiology-immunology.

As Pre-Event Director, William is responsible for ensuring that participants get a great first impression of Quebec City. He also leads his own local team, the pre-event organizing committee.

Health Symposium Director – Dr. Yassen Tcholakov (
yassenYassen is a Public Health and Preventative Medicine resident at McGill Univeristy. He has completed medical training at the University of Montreal and he holds a Master of International Health from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, he is the Socio-Medical Affairs Officer of the Junior Doctors’ Network of the World Medical Association and the co-chair of the Resident Council of the Public Health Physicians of Canada. His areas of interest include education, civic engagement, public policy, and diplomacy.

As Health Symposium Director, Yassen will be in charge of connecting with IFMSA Alumni from all around the world, and bringing together a large network of junior doctors and medical learners, for the first time ever.


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