The Organizing Committee understands the struggle that many nationals will live during their path towards the obtention of a Canadian visa. We are aware that this process is not easy and that we are committed to break as many barriers as humanly possible for the delegates. However participants must be equally committed to comply with early deadlines and monetary expenses that might be needed in order to obtain said visa.

Please be aware that information presented hereafter are for general information only and do not at any time replace the information available on Immigration and Citizenship Canada website or any of the information provided by an officer of a visa office.

While the OC will do everything in its power to provide timely information and to facilitate processes for international delegates, it is important to understand that the due process of visa applications will need to be respected and that we are not able to guarantee that all participants will be awarded visas as this is contingent on international diplomatic relations.

An official invitation letter will be available for all delegates once they are registered and approved.

eTA: a new requirement to enter Canada

If your country does not require a visa, you will probably still require an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization). All delegates who are not Canadian or US citizens will require an eTA. It costs $7,00 CAD and can be applied for entirely online. No invitation letter is required for an eTA and they are often granted within minutes of application, though they can take up to several days if extra documents are required. We recommend that delegates apply for an eTA before booking their flights. The process is quite simple:

More information and where to actually apply can be obtained here by selecting your passport country of delivrance: and a video can be watched at the following link:


If you are a national of the following countries, you need a visa to enter Canada:

Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola
Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain
Bangladesh Belarus Belize Benin
Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana
Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma (Myanmar)
Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde
Central African Republic Chad China Colombia
Comoros Congo (DRC) Congo (Republic of) Costa Rica
Cuba Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic
East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopa Fiji
Gabon Gambia Georgia Ghana
Grenada Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Guyana Haiti Honduras India
Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel
Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kiribati North Korea Kosovo
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon
Lesotho Liberia Libya Macao
Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia
Maldives Islands Mali Marshall Islands Mauritania
Mauritius Micronesia Moldova Mongolia
Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Namibia
Nauru Nepal Nicaragua Niger
Nigeria Oman Pakistan Palau
Palestinian Authority Panama Paraguay Peru
Philippines Qatar Romania Russia
Rwanda Sao Tomé e Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal
Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia
South Africa South Sudan Sri Lanka St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines Sudan Surinam
Swaziland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan
Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan
Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates
Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela
Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe


It is obviously impossible for us to provide you with all the requirements and specificities that the Government of Canada will ask of you to obtain visa, since this is person and country specific. We are therefore providing you with the link that will orient you in the right direction: Be reminded that at any point in time, this information might be obsolete and that this is out of our control. Delegates should always refer to the Government of Canada’s website.

If your country does not have a Canadian embassy on its territory, please refer to the following table to orient yourself in the right direction:

You might be able to apply for a visa online. Please visit the following link and fill the form to learn more:

If you need to give biometrics (such as fingerprints and photo), DO NOT mail your documents! You need to go in person to you national or regional Visa Application Center. Find out if you need biometrics here:

Dos and don’ts of an easier visa application:
    • Do start as early as possible! We understand that national guidelines for registration vary from NMOs to NMOs and that participation to a GA can be last minute, but if you require a visa you absolutely need to start the process as soon as you possibly can;
    • Do not hesitate to contact us at as soon as you identify a problem where we can help (such as providing supporting documents, invitation letters, justification letters, etc.). We are committed to answer your request as quickly as possible.
    • Do not wait to the last minute to contact us. As yourself, we are medical students that might be in the OR for a x4 CABG of 6 hours or doing a 2-hour long psychiatric evaluation and might not be able to answer your request within the minute.
    • Before contacting us for a question specific to your situation, do contact your national authorities and the nearest Canadian Visa Application Center that, as an adult, independent and smart medical student, you have already searched on the website. If the situation is too specific, we will have anyway to redirect you to this office.


You now have everything you need to enter Canada: HURRAY!

BUT, there are restrictions to what you can enter Canada with. Please read carefully:

Alcohol and cigarettes restriction:

In short, each person coming to Canada cannot import more than 1.5 L of wine OR 1.14 L of liquor OR 8.5 L of beer. If you are coming with more than $10 000 CAD cash with you, you need to specify it in your declaration. More information on restrictions of goods and tips on enterning Canada can be accessed here:

We can’t wait to welcome you 😉